Surrogacy cost in Kenya

Kenya has become the most idle surrogacy destination for both domestic and international parents for its affordable cost, furnished legal framework, and the standards of the procedure. The surrogacy cost in Kenya ranges from 35,000 USD to 48,000 USD depending on the self-cycle or donor-cycle surrogacy, and medical care. On this page, the finest surrogacy centre “The Fertility Cure” team has elaborated detailed surrogacy costs in Kenya.

Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya has become a booming destination after the government of Kenya started considering the surrogacy industry under its regulations. Intended parents of both domestic and foreigners happily pursue surrogacy in Kenya as no outside interference is presumed today. Kenya is one of the least countries that allow legal commercial surrogacy to all types of parents including heterosexual, same-sex, single male, single female, and LGBT communities.

However, the intended parents must not blindly assume surrogacy in Kenya but instead connect with an ethical surrogacy centre and agency that masters a clear perspective on Kenyan surrogacy programs as well as the legal and cultural aspects of surrogacy.

The Fertility Cure is one such centre that also provides additional unpaid services like donor assistance, surrogate arrangements, Visa assistance, travel assistance, pick-n-drop services, and hotel/homestay arrangements throughout the surrogacy programs and most importantly affordable surrogacy costs in Kenya.

Surrogacy cost in Kenya

The surrogacy cost in Kenya is between 35,000 USD to 48,000 USD. Compared to other African and Western countries, the surrogacy cost in Kenya is much cheaper as it includes the cost of medications, cost of the IVF cycle, legal framework fees, Doctors fees, donor assistance for the donor cycle, surrogate arrangements, surrogate compensation, surrogate expenses like clothing, food, accommodation (if she doesn’t want to stay at her home), and complete healthcare to involved parties (Intended parents, surrogate, and donors).

Surrogacy in Kenya cost break-up table

The table below clearly represents the Surrogacy in Kenya cost break-up based on self-cycle, donor-cycle, donor origin, and repeated cycle cost:

Payment Breakup

1 IVF Cycle


1 transfer of self egg

1 IVF cycle


1 transfer of Donor eggs


1 IVF cycle

+ 1 Transfer with own egg & 1 IVF +3 Transfer with egg donor 


1 IVF+1 transfer with self eggs & 1 IVF+3 transfer with European egg donor phenotype

1st Payment:

@the signature of the contract





2nd Payment: Before Matching





3rd Payment: Before IVF





4th Payment: @week 12





5th Payment@week 24





Total Cost





Kenya inclusive surrogacy cost coverage

Depending upon the self-cycle or donor cycle, the inclusive surrogacy cost covers the entire process and procedure and no additional payment is required. The complete coverages are:

  • Documentation of legal framework includes legal lawyers fees.
  • Doctors fees.
  • Surrogate compensation,
  • Expenses of the surrogate, and all medical charges of pregnancy.
  • In-vitro fertilization (IVF) process (Ovulation induction, Egg retrieval, sperm collection, and fertilization).
  •  IVF medications and injections.
  • Embryo transfer to the surrogate’s uterus.
  • Donor assistance of eggs, sperm, or embryo, if needed.
  • Screening and testing of the surrogate for pregnancy.
  • Delivery of the child(ren).
  • Child parentage order during delivery.

Surrogacy success rate in Kenya

The highest surrogacy success rate is 75% to 85% in self-cycle and can rise to 95% with donor cycles (egg, sperm, or embryo). The excellent surrogacy rate is found in intended women or egg donors between 21-35 years as good quality eggs are produced in this period. The success rate is also achieved in older women when appropriate fertility medication and treatments are provided before the surrogacy procedure. The chart below depicts the surrogacy success rate in Kenya with affordable surrogacy costs:

A surrogate mother in Kenya

For any female/woman between 23 and 37 age group willing to serve as a surrogate mother in Kenya, the fertility experts carefully examine her by following the surrogate mother eligibility criteria laid by the surrogacy regulations of the country. Additionally, she undergoes screening for infectious diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis, genetic disorders, and reproductive systems to prevent the risks to the child. Before the surrogacy procedure begins, a surrogate mother has to sign a legal contract that states that the surrogate will hand over the baby after birth to his/her intended parents without any issue and she is compensated for her services as a carrier from the inclusive surrogacy cost

The surrogate mother in Kenya has to comply with the following terms to protect her health, the child’s health, and the rights of the baby:

  • She is between 23 to 37 years.
  • She has to register with her working agency before the surrogacy starts.
  • Agree to test for HIV, Hepatitis B, and C.
  • She must be married or a single mother having at least one biological child.
  • She must sign a surrogacy contract involving the intended parents, herself, and the performing agency in front of the representing Kenyan legal surrogacy lawyer.

Surrogate agencies in  Kenya

Kenya is one of the finest surrogacy destinations in African countries, and many available agencies manage the surrogate mother for the intended parents who cannot provide surrogates themselves. Among them, the Fertility Cure is Kenya’s top surrogate agency, managing an excellent surrogate database for over 10 years. In their surrogate mother database, intended parents are allowed to choose their preferred surrogate mother.

The surrogate is at the most reproductive peak between 21 to 35 years, they are prescreened, certified by the doctors, and satisfy all the eligibility criteria according to the  Kenyan surrogate regulations. The cost of the surrogate is also minimal and inclusively added to the overall surrogacy package. The intended parents need not to pay her again.

How to proceed with surrogacy in Kenya?

The best way to proceed with surrogacy in Kenya is through connecting with Fertility Cure, the top surrogacy centre in Kenya. Once connected with the top centre, the coordinating team will help and guide you with the finest clinic, producing an excellent success rate at more affordable surrogacy costs between 35,000 USD and 48,000 USD. You have to begin in the following ways:

  • Fill out an online application form,
  • Get connected with coordinators,
  • Receive free consultation from the best doctors,
  • Get ready with your up-to-date documents,
  • Submit for proceeding documentation of legal framework,
  • Get your matched surrogate,
  • Get your preferred donors for the donor cycle,
  • Screen your reproductive health,
  • Start the medical surrogacy procedure,
  • Complete IVF procedure,
  • Transfer the embryo to your surrogate,
  • Get pregnancy test confirmed,
  • Attain your childbirth by your surrogate,
  • Get a child parentage order and protected rights from Kenya accepted to your origin.
  • Return to your home town with a child(children).

Benefits of surrogacy in Kenya

The benefits of surrogacy in Kenya received by the intended parents who are unable to have children of their own, the surrogate mother, and the donors are:

  • All types of intended people, heterosexual, same-sex, single parents, and LGBTQ are legal for surrogacy.
  • Both domestic and foreign intended parents surrogacy is provided.
  • Legal protection for the surrogate mother.
  • Overall health and rights of the surrogate mother and the child are strongly supported.
  • The best financial stability for intending parents.
  • Kenya offers affordable surrogacy costs to all intending parents.
  • Cross-border surrogacy is easily accessible in Kenya.

Why choose the Fertility Cure surrogacy centre in Kenya?

The Fertility Cure has been the most successful surrogacy centre in Kenya for over 10 years. The centre’s highest focus is providing world-class assisted reproductive technology (ART) that ensures a high success rate, for all types of intending parents looking to experience uninterrupted parenthood through the surrogacy program in Kenya at the most affordable cost.

To provide such privileges, the centre has engaged with the top surrogacy doctors, embryologists, endocrinologists, and gynecologists who ensure the best surrogacy outcomes. It has the best healthcare team, top surrogate, and finest donor database of all origins to assist the intended parents in the best possible outcome.

Outstanding services you receive include complete comfort and care by highly skilled and helpful medical personnel, Modern technology for cutting-edge innovations, and the best legal support from the beginning to the finished procedure. Contact us today and receive a free surrogacy consultation.


  1. Is Kenya safe for surrogacy?

Yes, Kenya has become the safest and most strongly supported surrogacy country after the intervention of the government in surrogacy regulations. It has made it legal for all types of intended parents either domestic or foreign to avail safest surrogacy programs at a more affordable cost in Kenya than in any other African country.

  1. What are the problems with surrogacy in Kenya?

Earlier, there were some problems with surrogacy in Kenya as there was no strict surrogacy regulation which led to exploitation of the surrogate, improper parentage order, commercial gain by agencies, etc. But today, all these problems are solved with the intervention of the Kenyan government in surrogacy regulations. As of now, there are no problems with surrogacy in Kenya.

  1. What is the surrogacy agreement in Kenya?

The surrogacy agreement in Kenya involves the intended parent, the surrogate mother, and the professional team. The agreement includes legal surrogacy procedures, complete surrogate health care, parentage orders, handing over the child right after birth, surrogate compensation, etc. The agreement has to be signed by involving parties in front of the legal lawyer representatives before beginning the surrogacy procedure.

  1. What is the case law on surrogacy in Kenya?

The case law of surrogacy in Kenya states that single parents who a widows or divorcees or a heterosexual couple, same-sex, LGBTQ couples defined as a legally married woman and man, can avail of surrogacy if they have a medical condition necessitating this option.

  1. Is Kenya safe for Indians?

Generally, Kenya allows all international intending couples surrogacy and is considered the safest country to pursue surrogacy. Therefore, Kenya is a safe and secure surrogacy country for Indian intended couples also. For more information, please connect with the Fertility Cure Kenyan surrogacy’s finest team.

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