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Surrogacy Cost in IndiaSurrogacy Cost in India

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July 17, 2024

Surrogacy in India enables infertile couples to become parents via the use of a surrogate mother. After the baby is born, the surrogate gives it to the prospective parents. According to the regulations, the intending parents have to be Indian citizens and have been legally wed for a minimum of 5 years. The goal of surrogacy is to support one another rather than make money.

Speak with legal professionals at Fertility Cure to ensure you are aware of all the necessary processes such as surrogacy cost India, its legalities and others.

Surrogacy in India is less expensive and there are more qualified healthcare specialists available, it has increased in popularity among potential parents from throughout the world. It is important to remember, though, that India has outlawed commercial surrogacy for foreigners since 2015. In India, surrogacy is only open to citizens of that nation.

The several benefits of Indian surrogacy—most noticeably surrogacy cost in India—have led a lot of couples to choose this option. In India, medical, legal as well as administrative services are included in surrogacy packages, rendering motherhood a genuine possibility. Couples struggling with infertility are drawn to the Fertility Cure’s surrogacy packages because of their exceptional pricing. You spend little on donor aid and surrogacy in India when you work with outstanding standards and a large support network.

Usually, the surrogacy price in India varies from INR 18- 20 lakhs, based on whether a self-surrogacy or a donor egg is used. The package typically includes three efforts for the self-egg option, but in the case of assured surrogacy, it lasts till a healthy kid is born, which is why an estimated price of INR 20 lakhs is involved.

How Much Is The Surrogate Compensation?

There are three main categories of surrogate compensation, with a total value of approx INR 5-6 lakhs:

  1. Base pay
  2. Extra payment based on how the pregnancy develops
  3. Compensation for all services associated with surrogacy as well as payment for actual costs.

After the passing of the new law in 2022, (Altruistic Surrogacy) the surrogates must, however, have a previous friendship or familial connection with the prospective parents. This is how the updated layout appears:

  • Cost of New Surrogates: INR 3.5 - 4 lakhs
  • Expert Witnesses: INR 5 - 6 lakhs
  • Procedure for medical assessment: INR 50k - 60k
  • Cycle medicine and transfer costs: between INR 60k - 80k
  • Extra compensation for bearing twins: between INR 1.5 - 2 lakhs
  • Delivery by C-Section: INR 90k - INR 1.5 lakhs
  • Clothes for mothers: INR 30k - INR 40k
  • Pregnancy allowance per month: INR 20k - INR30k 

What Affects the Surrogacy Cost in India?

  • The surrogacy price in India may differ dramatically depending on the area or state where you want to employ surrogacy. Bigger towns usually have higher living expenses, which drives up the overall expense.
  • The use of a potential mother's or donor's egg in traditional surrogacy might affect expenses; on the contrary, gestational surrogacy typically entails additional IVF procedures and is therefore more expensive.
  • The features offered by different clinics may affect the price. Whereas some institutions may bill on a case-by-case basis for each treatment, others may provide comprehensive plans that include coverage for all administrative, legal, and healthcare expenses.
  • The overall cost may go up with each try since becoming pregnant can require many tries.
  • Legal procedures play a role in surrogacy, such as drafting agreements and obtaining parental rights. The expense of legal counsel may vary depending on how complicated these processes are.
  • Medical costs encompass pregnancy, delivery, and fertility treatments. They depend on the surrogate's condition and the specific treatments required.
  • A significant amount of the costs are covered by the money given to the surrogate. It may differ according to the region, the surrogate's medical history, and her requirements.
  • Both the intended parents as well as the surrogate may require counseling, and these services may incur additional fees.
  • In the event you are from abroad, you'll need to arrange for transportation and accommodation when the surrogacy process is in progress.
  • Unanticipated expenses such as extended hospital stays for surrogates or health problems may significantly impact the overall expense.
It's important to discuss all the above variables in depth with Fertility Cure, your reliable selected surrogacy platform, so you know exactly what to anticipate altogether. Keep in mind that every factor could have an impact on the total cost of surrogacy in India.

Indian Laws Regarding Surrogacy

The Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Regulation) Bill governs surrogacy in India. The statute makes some crucial aspects clear:

  • The prospective parents have to be a married, Indian heterosexual spouse for a minimum of five years, with one of the partners having a history of infertility.
  • After the kid is born, the surrogate mother gives up all parental rights. The names of the prospective parents will appear on the baby's birth certificate.
  • It is not permitted to use commercial surrogates. Only Altruistic purposes are allowed for surrogacy, and the surrogate receives no financial remuneration other than healthcare and medical costs.
  • To increase the chances of a successful pregnancy, the legislation allows the utilisation of donor sperm or eggs when necessary.
  • When going back to their native country, the prospective parents must follow the law to obtain their child's citizenship. Although some countries offer citizenship to surrogate mothers and fathers with ease, others could have complicated procedures or refuse to recognise such births.

To handle the naturalization and visa procedures for a baby born via surrogacy, prospective parents must speak with legal professionals knowledgeable in Indian Family Law. The purpose of this legislation is to guarantee fair and ethical conduct in surrogacy agreements inside the borders of India.

India's Top Surrogacy Agency

The team at Fertility Cure Centre is unique among Indian surrogacy agencies. We support parents who fit the requirements outlined in the previously stated Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill. Our top fertility doctors provide a free first consultation and assist prospective parents in locating the ideal sperm, egg or embryo donors as well as a healthy gestational carrier or surrogate if necessary. 

We are the top surrogacy facility in India, offering affordable packages with success rates that are certain. Our experience includes a wide range of surrogacy programmes and assisted reproduction technologies (ART), such as IVF, ICSI, FET, IUI and other therapies for infertility.

Make an appointment with the Fertility Cure in India for guaranteed results and reasonably priced surrogacy packages. Prioritising our client's needs, we carefully consider all possible outcomes to provide competent and all-encompassing help.

The Guaranteed Surrogacy Programme's Assured Success

A guaranteed surrogacy programme is one that uses self-sperm and donor eggs and promises an absolute success rate. It provides many features, including:

  • Infinite IVF cycles utilizing donated eggs
  • Genetic testing for genetic disorders (PGD/PGS) in the embryos. 
  • Compensation and remuneration for the surrogate mother
  • DNA testing for both the father and the kid
  • Legal assistance for completing the child's legal papers

For prospective parents who are under a lot of emotional strain, the assured surrogacy programme is far more appealing than a simple option. It prioritizes smooth planning and execution by guaranteeing that all participants are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities under the program's legal structure. The assured programme at Fertility Cure Centre in India assures intending parents of wholehearted happiness.

Fertility Cure Center's Self-Cycle Surrogacy Is Providing Hope

Self-cycles, or surrogacy using one's own eggs, are chosen when intending parents—particularly the female—have viable eggs, however, they are medically unfit to deliver the child to term. In these cases, the IVF method used to generate embryos is started by retrieving the prospective mother's eggs. 

The surrogate's uterus is subsequently implanted with these resultant embryos to facilitate gestation. The surrogate's lining of the uterus is carefully prepared all through the ovarian stimulation procedure to aid in the implantation of embryos and pregnancy.

Your development will be continuously monitored throughout the entire course, as will the surrogate's welfare. Pregnancy-related healthcare treatments such as any other required care are carefully monitored. cared for by her consultant and doctor, ensuring the safety of the child as well as the surrogate. Because the birth takes place inside the Fertility Cure premises in India, a safe and encouraging atmosphere is provided for the mother and child.

Why select the Fertility Cure Centre in India for your surrogacy needs?

There are several benefits to choosing the Fertility Cure for surrogacy in India. For prospective parents looking to use surrogacy, the best surrogacy center in India provides a wide range of advantages and services that guarantee a smooth and helpful process. Our speciality is offering premium, reasonably priced surrogacy packages that are customized to meet the unique requirements of infertile couples. Fertility Cure places a high priority on personalized care, including outstanding surrogate care, extensive legal support, and first-rate medical treatment at every stage of the procedure. 

In addition, we guarantee financial transparency and provide services at a fair price. Fertility Cure is distinguished as a trusted and dependable option for anyone looking for fruitful surrogacy options in India because of its dedication to quality and years of expertise in assisted reproductive technologies.