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July 17, 2024

Settling down and embracing the adventure of parenthood is a great feeling for every human being. Everyone desires to have a baby at one point, no matter if they will be successful in it or not.

So, whether you are in a relationship with a partner of the same sex or different, struggling through the pregnancy journey becomes life-threatening. Amidst financial, legal, and medical challenges, you experience a lot of emotional complexities. Fertility Cure understands these complexities, and thus, we offer services for surrogacy in the USA.

At Fertility Cure, we have a diverse network with more than 300 IVF clinics spanning worldwide. Our best-in-class IVF lab involves meticulous professionals offering world-class facilities. Our prime objective is to make your parenthood easier. Book an appointment with our expert to achieve successful pregnancy for gay, lesbian, and LGBTQ communities besides straight couples. You can also consult us if you want to achieve a successful pregnancy or become a single-parent father or mother. Learn more about our IVF surrogacy cost.

Our Comprehensive Guide to Surrogacy – Meaning

Someone unable to become a parent due to physical complications and other issues can consult us for surrogacy. In a traditional method, the surrogacy treatment involves a surrogate mother who uses her eggs with the sperm (from the intended father) to conceive.

Unlike the conventional process, gestational surrogacy involves the embryo being transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. Here, the gametes of the intended parents are used. In the USA, every state and territory has their own surrogacy location. 

Parameters to Consider When Choosing a Reputable Surrogacy Centre

We understand that love has no one-size-fits-all definition. Regardless of how you embrace love, having a relationship with someone of the same/different sex makes you eager to have a baby after a few years of courtship. 

Whether you are a part of the LGBTQ community or a straight couple, IVF surrogacy gives you confidence amidst your challenging pregnancy journey. Here’s what we think a customer should first assess before selecting a surrogacy centre:

Role of a Reputable Surrogacy Centre – What Makes Us a Pioneer?

For intended parents and surrogates alike, choosing a trustworthy clinic is essential in the parenthood journey. Renowned clinics bridge the communication gap between physicians and patients by facilitating direct interaction. That’s where we come into being. With us, you can also get a second opinion by consulting our professionals. 

If your state law in the US does not allow the process, we take it to a nation where IVF surrogacy is legal. For this reason, we offer travel and discounts with reputable partners. You don’t have to worry about the logistics; we are here to arrange the stay after receiving your request.

A Customised Approach

We have different categories of services designed with an individualised approach. Contact us to understand the IVF costs and receive custom-made solutions from our female or male world accordingly. Embark on this life-altering journey with confidence by consulting us today.

Doctor’s Experience

Led by Dr. Pammi Murthy, our surrogacy team understands the obstacles a couple or a working individual face when intending to become parents. With experience in IUI, ICSI, IVF and surrogacy, Dr. Murthy fulfils your dreams of becoming a parent via surrogacy. He is a meticulous professional who dedicates his commitment to infertile individuals from all over the world with fertility issues.

Legal Complexities Involved with Surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy is a complicated matter in the US, with no federal surrogacy laws provided on the IVF cost and treatment. So, pursuing a surrogacy case depends on the processes allowed in the state. In a state where no gestational surrogacy is involved, the process might become challenging for approval.

Different surrogacy professionals encourage base compensations for surrogates, while some states outlaw the compensation. Surrogates and intended parents may undergo a traditional process where the surrogates use their eggs. However, this type is outlawed in various states. 

Another complicated scenario is when you are unsure whether surrogacy contracts can be legally enforced in certain states. For gay and other LGBTQ couples, IVF and surrogacy may be complex because of the established parentage. In certain states, a woman who gives birth to a child is believed to be the parent. So, the intended parents must take additional legal action.

Altogether, surrogacy is a complex matter in the US. But with us by your side, fulfilling your dream of becoming a parent becomes easier, depending on your law. Even if your state does not allow surrogacy, we take you to a country where surrogacy is legal.


1. Is Surrogacy Legal in the USA?

There are no federal laws concerning surrogacy treatment in the US. Some states allow surrogacy, but there are several complexities involved. At Fertility Cure Centre, we understand the financial, legal, and emotional challenges couples and LGBTQ+ communities face when intending to become a parent. So, we offer the best solution by taking you to a country where surrogacy is legal.

2. How Do You Choose a Surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate is also a challenging job. Amidst the nine-month journey, the surrogate may get emotionally connected to the baby. But once you appoint us for the job, we will search for the right candidate who is generous enough to complete the agreement with a professional approach. Finding a surrogate involves screening her health to ensure the foetus remains in good health when inside the womb.

3. Do Intended Parents Need Health Checkups?

Until your egg or sperm is used in the process, you may not need medical screening. Once you consult Dr. Pammi Murthy, our astute doctor will guide you through the procedure accordingly. We can provide an estimated IVF surrogacy cost based on the treatment.