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Fri, 16 Sep 2022

Donor egg in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a form of fertility treatment in which a young, healthful woman's eggs are used to produce embryos that are transferred to a recipient woman's uterus to set up a pregnancy. The recipient carries the pregnancy to term and gives birth to the baby.

Because Fertility Cure Centre has EARNED a prestigious reputation as the "Fertility Centre of Last Resort" for women with severely diminished ovarian reserve (also called low functional ovarian reserve, or LFOR) along with other difficult cases of infertility, a large majority of those patients come to us with a history of unsuccessful fertility treatments elsewhere along with also a recommendation for donor egg IVF. Our specialized clinical experience in treating women with diminished ovarian reserve (either because of premature ovarian aging or advanced maternal age) has assisted about a third of those women conceive using their own eggs. For two-thirds of these patients, donor egg IVF remains the best alternative for getting a baby. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), egg donor IVF has an 89% success rate in year 2017.


Our fertility specialist team believes in describing all sensible treatment options to women and couples, and helping them make their own educated decisions regarding which remedy to pursue. Too many ladies, in our opinion, are pushed to egg gift prematurely. We want to be certain everyone entering a donor egg IVF cycle is fully convinced that this is the option they truly want to pursue. If the individual decides to give IVF with her own eggs at one opportunity before she considers egg donation, then we respect that decision and employ our innovative and individualized therapy approaches to help them get pregnant with their own eggs. 

Donor Egg IVF Supplies : The Best Pregnancy Odds

We believe that girls should be given the chance to conceive using their own eggs, but we also recognize that no fertility treatment offers higher pregnancy possibilities than egg donation (oocyte donation).Pregnancy possibilities decline and miscarriage rates increase with advancing female age. A egg donor's young age usually means the recipient's pregnancy possibilities and miscarriage risks become those of their egg donor.Therefore, no fertility therapy can conquer 20-year-old eggs at a 40-year-old infertility patient, who now has the maternity possibility and miscarriage threat of a 20-year-old. (This is also the reasoning behind egg freezing.) Since the egg contributes approximately 95 percent (and sperm just 5%) into the ultimate"quality" of the embryo, the man's age is of less importance. 

The Egg Donation Process

OURS isn't an egg donor service or an egg bank. Instead, we are a world-class reproductive medicine center (fertility center). Since we are a fertility facility with patients of our own, treats our egg donors using the exact same high quality of clinical care we provide to our fertility patients. Your health and wellbeing are top priority during the egg donation procedure.

By donating eggs, you're making an unbelievable difference for a woman or couple who, at the huge majority of instances, are otherwise unable to start a family. Becoming an egg donor will not include substantial responsibility to follow all protocols of the screening process and egg donation cycle. Medical screening involves a physical exam (including a complete physical checkup and height and weight measurement to compute BMI), blood tests, a medical history (including physical and psychological health), a family history (if any close family member has suffered from a health state ), psychological screening, and in certain instances, genetic testing for hereditary diseases or business status.

Young girls who become egg donors won't be able to use hormonal birth control throughout the egg donation cycle, such as long-acting hormonal contraceptives or a birth control pill taken on each day of their menstrual cycle. You'll need to take all prescribed injectable medications and attend all appointments, from the preliminary appointments into the recovery procedure, and eventually the followup appointment following egg retrieval.

Our field's professional organization, most egg donors report that a positive experience and good health following egg donation.

Getting Pregnant with Your Own Eggs

Before resorting to donor eggs, we try all other paths, using our experience and extensive understanding of ovarian book to help girls get pregnant with their own eggs. As a result of our dedication to patient's liberty over whether to use their own eggs or donor eggs, in addition to our technical knowledge that enable us to help individuals who decide to try with their own cows, Fertility Cure Centre has come to be the go-to centre for fertility individuals from all around the world.

Fertility Cure Centre meets many women who have been turned off by other IVF centers due to their desire to get pregnant only with their own eggs. This is particularly true for our patients over 40. Many facilities will not even consider treating girls over the age of 40 with their own eggs, never mind over age 44.We specialize in assisting girls over 40 become pregnant with their own eggs by executing a personalized treatment plan tailored to each woman's plight. Our scientists and physicians constantly update the treatment protocols based on comprehensive research. Our constantly evolving treatment method has been tremendously profitable.

New research on enhancing female fertility

In addition to our proven integrated treatment strategy to help girls get pregnant with their own eggs, we also continue to research other strategies to help women enhance their chances of getting pregnant with their own eggs.

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There are conflicting treatment approaches for women attempting to become pregnant with diminished ovarian reserve. It can be difficult to determine what you want or whether your current treatment path is right for you.