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Surrogacy Option For LGBTQ+Surrogacy Option For LGBTQ+

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May 20, 2024

Same-sex couples have several alternatives to consider when thinking of expanding their families. Fertility Cure is the best platform for surrogacy for LGBT. We are fully aware of the fact that love knows no limits. Our experts have brought smiles to numerous couples from the LGBTQ community. With years of expertise and a team of empathetic doctors, we are the beacon of hope for gay, lesbian, and queer couples.

Surrogacy has been the preferred method to raise families for same-sex couples. This is because only surrogacy can provide you the opportunity to have a genetic connection with your offspring. The LGBT people go through the same surrogacy process like other intended parents. But there are many unique aspects you should know before choosing to undergo surrogacy. Our dedicated team is committed to provide personalised and compassionate care throughout the entire process.

Things to Know About Surrogacy

Surrogacy for LGBT is a process in which a surrogate conceives the baby on your and your partner’s behalf. Usually, traditional and gestational surrogacy are the two popular types of surrogacies. But note that traditional surrogacy can be risky at times. This is because the surrogate often becomes attached to the baby. She may want to keep the child that can result in legal complications.

That’s why we advise our LGBTQ clients to opt for gestational surrogacy. In this surrogacy, the eggs used to create the embryo come from an egg donor. Fertility Cure has suitable egg donors who can help you realise the dream of raising your own family. Moreover, in gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is not biologically related to the child. Nowadays, gestational surrogacy is the most preferred form as there are fewer emotional and legal complications.

The Integral Components of our LGBTQ Surrogacy Program

Our gestational surrogacy program for couples from the LGBTQ community is active in numerous countries. Unlike other clinics, we comply with the latest legal frameworks. This helps you have a baby in the most hassle-free way. The Fertility Cure knows about the legal proceedings involved in surrogacy for gay and lesbian couples.

Therefore, we collaborate with the legal experts specialising in reproductive law. We are a responsible and compassionate LGBT surrogacy agency. You will always find us prioritising the protection of your rights and interests. We will guide you through the entire process of surrogacy. With all the taboos and reservations around, it’s never easy for an LGBTQ couple to become parents.

Fertility Cure has an experienced team of surrogacy coordinators, fertility doctors, and reproductive endocrinologists to help through each step. Our specialists will always be there to assist you and your partner. As the top fertility clinic, we have a comprehensive network of egg donors and surrogates. Our specialist surrogate coordinators prioritise compatibility and ensure that your overall parenthood journey is smooth.

The LGBTQ Surrogacy Process

Starting the surrogacy journey as a gay partner, single person, or a transgender individual can seem hard at first. To make things easier and bring a new family member, it is best to work with Fertility Cure. Outlined below are the key steps in your surrogacy journey as an LGBT parent:

Initial Consultation

Starting the surrogate process needs a one-on-one talk with an expert in fertility at Fertility Cure. This meeting talks about personal stuff to help you get ready emotionally. Our specialists will explain the whole process, give price predictions, and help with legal complexities.

Selection of the Gamete Provider

For male couples who like other men, the search starts to find a person who will give an egg. On the other hand, lesbians look for someone who can provide sperm. Choices are getting help from our agency. You can think about using eggs or sperm from our fertility centre.

Gamete Donor Screening

For male gay couples, we pick the egg provider really carefully to make sure there are no health or gene problems. This process uses blood tests, physical checks, and pelvic ultrasounds. It ends with getting eggs from the ovaries. Female same-sex couples must also decide who will donate the sperm. The one chosen goes through a similar testing process.

Egg Fertilisation and Embryo Culture

Eggs that have been gathered are mixed with sperm to create embryos. These embryos are taken care of for 3 up to 5 days before being put into a freezer. This step lets us do a special test called genetic testing. It can find problems or tell what the baby's gender is.

Surrogate Selection

The next step is to find a gestational surrogate. This can be done by consulting with our LGBT surrogacy agency. The person who carries the baby for someone else is checked very carefully by our doctors and psychologists. It helps us to make sure they're good for this job.

Preparation for Embryo Transfer

Before putting an embryo in, the person who will have a baby is given drugs. This helps her body to be prepped for pregnancy. Fertility Cure sets the time for transferring the embryo to the surrogate’s womb. This happens by weaving a small tube (catheter) through her womb.

Pregnancy Monitoring and Childbirth

After putting the embryo inside, two weeks later the surrogate gets a blood test to make sure she's pregnant. More scans with ultrasound watch the baby's heartbeats and check on the surrogate mom's health. With help from a lawyer, we will make sure you have the right to be parents. After having a baby, the surrogate gives up the child so you can bring your new family member home.

The Benefits of Gestational Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples

Gestational surrogacy has become a preferred way to help same-sex couples experience the joy of having kids. Nowadays, gestational pregnancy is popular because it offers an inclusive path to expand your family.

Biological Connection

One big benefit of having a baby through gestational surrogacy for same-sex couples is the biological connection. Couples can choose a surrogate and use their own DNA, like from eggs or sperm, or get it from donors. This makes the child connected to them.

Inclusivity and Equality

Gestational surrogacy helps make family planning fairer and more welcoming. Same-sex couples can go through the process of surrogacy together, being involved in the pregnancy. Working together makes everyone feel equal and committed to growing a family.

Legal Protection

Gestational surrogacy provides legal protections for same-sex couples. By putting rules in writing for the gestational surrogate, future parents can set their rights to raise the baby. This legal understanding helps make becoming a parent easier, reducing possible problems with the law. Surrogacy for LGBT couples at Fertility Cure also complies with the latest legal frameworks and statutes.

Emotional Connection

The surrogacy process lets same-sex couples create a strong emotional bond with their child right from the start. Being part of early care helps make a connection that goes beyond words when the child comes into this world. This feeling creates a strong base for a happy family.

Flexibility in Family Planning

Gestational surrogacy gives same-sex couples options when it comes to planning their families. Couples can choose when to become parents. This lets them focus on their own and work goals before starting a family with kids. This freedom lets couples make a family just how they want.

Surrogate Screening and Support

Fertility Cure will usually check very carefully for people who might become surrogate mothers. This makes sure that the woman who carries the baby is mentally and physically strong. Our surrogacy clinic usually gives full help to the people who want a baby. We make sure that everyone has a good and comforting experience.

Surrogacy for LGBT couples can have several complications. Fertility Cure Centre can help you realise your dreams of becoming a proud parent. Our clinic has the right doctors and surrogacy coordinators to make your journey to parenthood less stressful. Contact us at the earliest to learn more about our surrogacy programs for gay, lesbian, and transgender couples.


1. How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Various factors can influence the cost of surrogacy for couples from the LGBTQ community. The cost of surrogacy varies based on several factors. We can help you know the exact cost of surrogacy and the factors influencing it. This will help you to be financially ready and avoid surprises in the future.

2. What are the Possibilities of Choosing the Baby’s Gender in Surrogacy?

You can select the sex of the baby before the implantation of the embryo in the surrogate. However, our fertility centre strongly advises queer couples to choose the gender of the sex. In some countries, it is a punishable offence to choose the gender of the baby.

3. What are the Things to Know About DNA in Gestational Surrogacy?

A baby born through gestational surrogacy will only inherit the DNA from the egg donor and the source of sperm. We always ensure that the baby has your DNA when born through gestational surrogacy.

4. Who are the People Involved in the Surrogacy Journey?

Fertility Cure will be deeply involved in the surrogacy journey. We will make sure that all the right people are involved in the surrogacy to make the experience worthwhile. The participation of the right individuals will ensure that your journey to parenthood is memorable.