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Best Surrogacy Option for Gay CoupleBest Surrogacy Option for Gay Couple

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Mon, 19 Feb 2024

We all desire a balanced family life. It makes us feel loved and boosts our confidence. Unlike straight couples who establish their career, settle down, and have babies, gay couples crave a healthy family. As a gay couple, your rainbow family isn't complete with just the two of you.

While scientifically, it's impossible to carry a baby, there are specific scientific options available for gay couples. As heterosexual couples, gays may find surrogacy one of the last options owing to the legal complexities associated with it. But with us at Fertility Cure by your side, surrogacy options for gay couples become easy to find.

Fertility Cure Centre is a one-stop destination with a diverse network worldwide. Meticulous professionals conduct the surrogacy procedures. At Fertility Cure, our sole purpose is to simplify your parenthood journey to establish a healthy and balanced rainbow family amongst the LGBTQ+ community, including gay couples.

We understand every individual's legal, emotional, and psychological challenges throughout the parenthood journey. So, we make the process easier by taking you to a place where surrogacy is legal. You can consult us for further details on surrogacy procedures offered by us.

Legal Circumstances Associated with Gay Surrogacy – Our First Step to a Successful Surrogacy

Not all countries allow gay surrogacy. If your country doesn't allow you to opt for surrogacy, we come to your rescue. We take you to a place where we implement legal and safe surrogacy procedures to help you achieve a perfect rainbow family.

Very few countries allow gay couples the freedom to have babies with the help of surrogacy. The ones who have already established a surrogacy law exclude gay couples. Some nations don't have legislation related to surrogacy. In such a country, the process is legal yet unregulated. Or worse, in some countries, you have to show evidence of being in a relationship with the surrogate.

You also need to show proof of raising the child together with the surrogate. These rules may restrict you from having a family life and ruin your relationship. If your nation does not have any supportive surrogacy law or has restrictions excluding gays, we can be your saviour guide.

How We Help Gay Couples with Our Surrogacy Options?

Fertility Cure understands the complexities of achieving pregnancy with traditional methods. So, we can help the LGBTQ+ community (including gay couples) accomplish their perfect rainbow family life with our surrogacy procedure.

Our surrogacy treatment encompasses a surrogate using her eggs. As a gay couple, you can decide on who should be the intended father. Accordingly, the sperm of the intended father is taken to infuse with the surrogate's egg. Gay couples may ask a friend or family member to serve as the surrogate. Alternatively, you can get a consultation from our medical associate, Dr Pammy Murthy (who specialises in surrogacy).

In gestational surrogacy, the embryo is transferred to the uterus of the surrogate. The gametes of intended parents are used. The surrogate carries and delivers the baby to the gay couple.

Steps We Undertake to Simplify Your Parenthood Journey through Surrogacy

Embracing adventures of parenthood might be a great feeling for any couple, including gays. However, surrogacy for gay couples is a sensitive topic. So, you should get the expert advice to discover surrogacy legalities and the gay surrogacy cost in brief. Look no further than Fertility Cure, where we can provide you with a comprehensive quotation upon the initial consultation. Here's how we make your parenthood journey simpler with easy steps:

Help You Select a Surrogate

Our experts walk the extra mile to discover the suitable surrogate. We match you with the gestational carrier. If you give us the responsibility to choose a surrogate, we will undergo an extensive screening procedure.

Fertility Cure understands the importance of physical and psychological health checkups while assessing the condition of the surrogate. After our screening is done, we will confirm with you regarding the appropriate surrogate.

Our gay-friendly surrogacy experts are very choosy about selecting the surrogate for the intended parents. We only find you the most dedicated, responsible, motivated, and generous woman. We first assess her responsibility toward keeping the foetus protected inside her womb. We help the woman understand the duties of delivering a healthy baby.

Selecting the Egg Donor

For heterosexual couples, surrogacy involves an egg donor and a surrogate separately. While searching for both these candidates seems like a challenging job, you can count on our experience. We can help you find the right match accordingly. You can select the egg donor or ask us to choose one. After this, we will conduct an IVF process to transfer the healthiest embryo to the surrogate's uterus.

At Fertility Cure, we prioritise strong communication between the gay couple and the surrogate. We can offer a successful surrogacy journey to you and your partner with our procedures.

Why Choose Fertility Cure for Surrogacy Options for Gay Couples?

We have experience and professional expertise in helping gay couples achieve their perfect family lives. Raising a baby isn't easy, but what is more difficult is achieving a successful pregnancy. On that note, the Fertility Cure comes to your rescue by offering the best surrogacy procedure for heterosexual couples. Here's what makes us stand as a pioneer in this surrogacy universe:

  • Online and Offline Consultation Services Provided

As a renowned surrogacy platform, we bridge the communication barrier between patients and doctors. You can get in touch with our surrogacy expert, Dr Pammy Murthy, through online or offline consultation anytime.

  • Provide Services to LGBTQ+ Couples Besides Gays

Our prime USP is to make the family life of the LGBTQ+ community simpler. If you want to raise a baby via surrogacy, you can consult us. Surrogacy is one of the many fertility treatments that we offer at Fertility Cure. Besides gay couples, any couple in the LGBTQ+ community can consult us for our treatments. Even straight couples can consult us for our fertility services.

  • Our Surrogacy Expert's Experience

Managed and guided by Dr Murthy, our team can help you become responsible parents in your family life. We understand the obstacles every individual belonging to the LGBTQ+ community experiences. We aim to simplify the matter by turning your parenthood dream into reality. Achieve successful parenthood with us by your side. Our surrogacy professional has experience in IUI, ICSI, and IVF. They can fulfil your dreams with their commitment and dedication.

How Do We Match Surrogates and Gay Parents?

At Fertility Cure, we assess a range of factors that match surrogates with gay and other LGBTQ couples. We first understand the legal circumstances of your country. After this, we provide our surrogacy services. We take you somewhere where surrogacy is legal if your country does not permit gay surrogacy.

Complete Your Picture-Perfect Rainbow Family with Us

Selecting a surrogate might be a challenge where you need a legal survey, emotional support, and personal preferences. Gestational surrogacy might help you find a perfect family life. But without each individual's choices and preferences, nothing can be achieved successfully.

So, we set strong lines of open communication so that couples understand the ins and outs of the surrogacy journey. As surrogacy has started becoming a choice for many gay couples, you can make a well-informed decision by consulting us. Enjoy the happiness and challenges of raising your child by choosing surrogacy options for gay couples from us.


1. Will two Heterosexual Partners be Eligible to have Children?

Raising biological children has become quite common for gay couples (or anyone belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. However, gay couples cannot have a child with DNA from both partners. You can consider consulting us at the Fertility Cure to discover the ins and outs of gay surrogacy costs and other details.

2. How should one Connect to a Surrogate?

Selecting the right surrogate makes the overall process seamless. First things first, the prospective surrogate needs to be 21 years of age. The surrogate must have medical screening to ensure that she is fit for carrying a pregnancy and delivering a baby. In addition, she also needs to have undergone psychological screening. The surrogate must sign a contract with her responsibilities as a surrogate.

3. Do gay Partners Donate Sperm in Surrogacy?

Yes, surrogacy needs sperm from a gay partner. A woman is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the father in surrogacy. Here, it might be any one of the partners. The woman carries the baby and delivers it to the intended parents (i.e., the gay couple).

4. How do gay Surrogacy Services Work?

At Fertility Cure, gestational surrogacy offers you an option to share a genetic connection with your children (or child). You can achieve this with the help of surrogacy. The process uses the egg donor and a gestational surrogate.

5. Can gays Choose Surrogates for Surrogacy Options?

Gay couples have the right to select someone as a surrogate from their relatives or friend circle. Or they can consult us to help them find a suitable surrogate. At Fertility Cure, we first review the individual's medical history and health condition. Then, we will give our final verdict on the candidate's eligibility.