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Different Fertility Options Available for LGBTQ+ CommunityDifferent Fertility Options Available for LGBTQ+ Community

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July 17, 2024

The desire to grow families remains the same for all human beings irrespective of their gender. At Fertility Cure, we help you explore the best LGBT fertility options. There is no denying that surrogacy is the most practised way of parenthood for the LGBTQ community. Experts at Fertility Cure believe in breaking the social barriers by helping gay and lesbian couples realise their dream of parenthood.

Our approach towards LGBTQ surrogacy has always been the same – to offer a nurturing environment. Fertility Cure specialists will discuss the intricacies of surrogacy for couples from the gay and lesbian communities. When gay and lesbian couples ask about surrogacy, our team at the fertility cure centre highlights the procedures to achieve pregnancy successfully.

Surrogacy Options Available at Fertility Cure

We are one of the very few fertility clinics that stay compliant with the latest advancements in surrogacy for LGBTQ. The advancements in fertility treatments have opened up numerous doors for gay couples wanting to raise a family. Fertility Cure helps LGBTQ patients achieve surrogacy with egg donors, IVF, and gestational carriers. 

One or both gay partners can donate their sperm that are combined with the eggs in our centre. The trained IVF specialists will place the fertilised egg into the uterus of the gestational carrier. On the other hand, lesbian women can use their own egg or donated eggs to achieve the same result. For numerous gay and lesbian couples, surrogacy is an ideal way to connect with their offspring biologically.

Build Your Family with Us

We offer the right LGBT fertility options to help you realise the dream of having your own family. It is not easy nowadays for gay and lesbian couples to raise their family. From social stigmas to a lack of surrogacy options, things aren’t that easier for same-sex couples. If you want to overcome the common fertility barriers, Fertility Cure can help. With a vast range of surrogacy options, we can assist you in finding the right route. Learn more about surrogacy for LGBTQ couples by contacting us. 

Understanding LGBTQ Surrogacy with Fertility Cure

Going through surrogacy can be hard, especially for LGBTQ persons and couples. At Fertility Cure, we think it's important to help people understand surrogacy. We make sure our clients know everything they need while going through the process. The group of experts at Fertility Cure are ready to help you with the difficult parts of surrogacy for LGBTQ people, dealing with legal stuff, health issues, and feelings.

Legal Considerations

We will guide you through the law and rights around LGBT surrogacy. It's very important to understand legal contracts, who can be a parent, changing rules for treating same-sex parents equally.

Medical Expertise

We help you to get familiar with our modern fertility treatments to have your own child. Get to know all the health services available at our centre, so that you have the best chances for a successful surrogacy experience. 

We Provide Counselling and Emotional Support to Our Patients 

The feelings of our patients are very important to us. We know how hard it is to have a surrogate pregnancy and provide special help for those on this journey.

Professional Counselling Services

We provide help and advice for would-be parents and those who act as surrogate mothers. We create a caring place for LGBTQ couples where feelings are accepted, talked about and backed up the whole time.

Community Building

Find out how we work to build a good bond among our customers. Our specialists help bring people together in groups for LGBT surrogacy. This lets individuals and couples talk about their stories with each other, making friendships that last forever.

Surrogacy for Gay Couples 

Whether you have already found your egg donor or need help, we have dedicated egg donation teams. It ensures that you and your partner feel supported in finding a match that suits your requirements. We are the top surrogacy clinic for gay couples and offer straight and host surrogacy options. Our clinic has the right fertility options for gay couples. 

It is important to understand the meaning of straight and host surrogacy for gay couples. In a straight surrogacy, the surrogate uses her own eggs and the sperm of your partner to become pregnant. Always remember that with a straight surrogacy, there will be a genetic connection between the baby and the surrogate. 

Host surrogacy differs a great deal from straight surrogacy. In host surrogacy, we will develop the embryo with the help of an egg donor and one of the gay partner’s sperm. Most gay couples opt for host surrogacy as there is no direct genetic connection between the baby and the surrogate.

With an all-inclusive approach, our fertility centre offers gay parents everything they require to have a child. From legal complications to financial packages, our experienced medical team can address your needs. You will experience a stress-free journey to parenthood at the Fertility Cure Centre.

Fertility Treatments for Lesbian Couples at our Centre 

Growing families for lesbians has gotten easier and better, with lots of choices to help them have kids. Like other couples, lesbian couples who have trouble having babies can try different ways to get pregnant.

Many same-sex couples choose in vitro fertilisation (IVF). This method is about mixing eggs from one partner with donor sperm in a lab bowl. It then involves putting the artificially created embryos into one of the partner's womb. IVF lets one partner share a biological link with the child, which makes them feel like shared parents.

Another choice is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), which means donor sperm is put right into the womb. IUI is typically done when a woman's body is ready to release an egg. This method isn't as intrusive as IVF and could be a good option for couples who don't have big fertility problems.

Egg donation is also a good choice. It lets one partner give eggs for fertilisation and the other partner has the baby growing inside them. This way lets both people be a part of making the plan to have a baby.

Some lesbian women may choose to use IVF together. They take turns getting their ovaries stimulated and having eggs taken out while one of them gets pregnant from those fertilised eggs. This method allow both partners to become a big part in making and carrying the baby.

When lesbian couples want to get help with fertility, they should reach out to us. The specialists need to know the special needs and choices of same-sex partners. Also, it's important to think about legal and emotional factors such as choosing donors and parental rights when making plans. For lesbian couples, fertility treatments have changed to give them special choices.

Fertility Treatments for Transgender Individuals

Helping transgender people have babies is now a big part of our surrogacy treatment. It gives options to those who want children while changing genders. These treatments understand and honour the different reproductive goals of transgender people. We have the following treatment options to help transgender individuals realise their parenthood dreams. 

Egg or Sperm Donor Options

People who are transgender might look into using eggs or sperm from someone else to have a baby. This is very important to people who haven't saved their eggs or sperm or for the ones who can't use the saved ones.


IVF is a commonly used fertility treatment that can be changed for the special needs of transgender people. For example, a woman who is transgender (identified as male at birth) might use her saved sperm to fertilise a donated egg. The resulting baby can be placed in the womb of a person carrying the child or partner's uterus.

Altogether, surrogacy is a complex matter. Things become more complicated when same-sex couples want to raise their family. But with us by your side, achieving your dream of becoming a parent becomes easier. From fertility options for gay couples to surrogacy for lesbian women, we have the right treatment options. Get in touch with the Fertility Cure Centre today to become a parent. 


1. What is the Overall Cost of Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples?

The overall cost of surrogacy for same sex couples depends on a wide variety of factors. It is important for you to consult with our clinic to learn the cost of surrogacy. The price also varies based on the requirements of the couple. 

2. How can Your Clinic Help to Address Legal Complexities?

We are one of the best surrogacy clinics because of our ability to abide by the laws of surrogacy. We will present legal contracts based on your individual surrogacy requirements. Our medical team will proceed with the treatment only when there are no legal issues. 

3. What are the Steps to Select a Surrogate?

We take the burden of finding a surrogate off your shoulders. Being a surrogate is always tough. During the nine-month journey, it is pretty natural for the surrogate to get connected to the baby. We have the right candidates who are generous to complete the agreement. Our medical team conducts regular health screening of the surrogate to ensure the well-being of your baby.

4. Why Does Your Clinic Provide Mental Counselling?

It is never easy for same sex couples to become proud parents. Besides social taboos, biological factors can put a damper on your prospects of raising your family. We provide mental counselling to ensure that you’re in the right frame of mind for surrogacy.