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July 17, 2024

Struggling with infertility comes with a variety of complications. You could have issues with infertility at different stages and have a hard time comprehending what’s complicated, and that’s where Fertility Cure Centre steps into the picture.

Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for your fertility journey brings us to one of the most innovative techniques in assisted reproduction—Laser Hatching. If you are considering finding ways to improve the chances of successful implantation of the fertilized embryo, this is the medical procedure that assists in that.

Let us discuss more about the treatment, its significance, and why Fertility Cure Centre is a leading name offering you a more promising path to realizing your dream of parenthood.

What is Laser Hatching?

Laser Hatching is a sophisticated and minimally invasive technique to improve the embryo's chances of successful uterine implantation.

It is typically done during the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle, where a few concentrated laser pulses are fired directly at the embryo's outer shell only and away from the actual embryo to prevent risks of cellular damage.

The objective of this procedure is to help the embryo “break out” of its outer layer to ensure that it successfully implants itself inside the uterus to ensure a successful pregnancy down the road.

How does the Laser Hatching Work?

Since embryo hatching is quintessential for successful implantation and pregnancy, laser hatching helps with that.

During this procedure, a laser device is used to create a precise and small opening in the Zona Pellucida layer of the embryo with the hopes that the embryo will not only hatch but also successfully implant itself into the uterine wall for a successful pregnancy.

The process generally lasts a second or two, where the embryologist will use a laser device to aim an intense light beam directly to create a crack in the shell of the embryo. This meticulous process is performed just before the embryo transfer, allowing for a subtle yet impactful modification that promotes increased implantation potential.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hatching?

Now that you have an elaborate understanding of what laser hatching is and why it is such a quintessential part of the IVF procedure, let us walk you through the benefits:

Enhanced Implantation Rates - By creating a precise opening in the zona pellucida, Laser Hatching facilitates the embryo's natural hatching process, increasing the likelihood of successful implantation.

Improved Pregnancy Rates - Studies have shown that Laser Hatching can contribute to higher pregnancy rates, providing renewed hope for individuals and couples undergoing assisted reproductive treatments.

Reduced Risks of Multiple Pregnancies - Laser Hatching helps select the most viable embryos for transfer, minimizing the risk of multiple pregnancies while maximizing the chances of a successful single pregnancy.

Who Should Opt for Laser Hatching?

Deciding on the most suitable fertility treatment can be daunting, but our team is here to assist you in making informed decisions. Laser Hatching may be recommended in the following cases:

  • You have experienced repeated implantation failures, resulting in an inability to get pregnant.
  • You are of advanced maternal age.
  • Some embryos have a thicker zona pellucida, which can impede the natural hatching process. Laser Hatching helps overcome this barrier, optimizing the chances of successful implantation.

Either way, our specialists are here to assess the situation, identify the root cause behind your fertility concerns, and then advise if laser hatching would be an ideal treatment option for you or not.

Why Choose Laser Hatching at Fertility Cure Centre?

With all that said and covered, you might be skeptical why the Fertility Cure Centre is often the first choice for laser hatching procedures among thousands of patients.

Following are a few reasons why our patients trust us:

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology

At Fertility Cure Centre, our aim is to stay at the forefront of all the evolving procedures and treatment options that are available in the niche of reproductive technologies. Our Laser Hatching procedure uses the latest and most advanced laser systems, ensuring precision and safety.

Opt for personalized care

Your struggles with infertility and issues with natural conception can be different than those of another one of our patients. This is one of the main reasons why we prioritize tailored treatment plans to ensure that every patient gets the care that they need to thrive in their fertility treatment and their journey to parenthood. Our laser hatching procedure is thus tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Comprehensive support

Embarking on fertility treatments can be emotionally challenging. Our holistic approach includes advanced medical procedures and comprehensive emotional and psychological support. We are here to guide you through every aspect of your fertility journey, offering a supportive and empathetic environment.

Experience the transformative power of Laser Hatching at Fertility Cure Centre—where precision meets compassion in pursuing parenthood.

Schedule your consultation today and overcome the challenges you and your partner are experiencing with conceiving naturally.